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Do Fitted Wardrobes Increase Your House Value?

Do Fitted Wardrobes Increase Your House Value?

Recent research has shown that adding dedicated wardrobe space can add value to your property. At one end of the scale research indicated that adding walk in wardrobes can add up to £100,000 to your property price but any investment in fitted wardrobes can can add appeal, and ultimately value, to your property. 

Are Fitted Wardrobes Difficult to Fit?

While fitted wardrobes can be fitted by a competent DIYer, or two to be more accurate (wardrobes are big and do need two people to assemble properly) we would also say you can certainly gain a lot of value from employing a professional fitting. 

All our wardrobes come with all the necessary components to assemble the units, including the cabinet, doors and accessories such as soft-close hinges. We also include the doors. The only thing to choose is the plinth and handles. You may also need the a clad-on pack, if the bedroom cabinets are going to have exposed sides. 

Internal Options

How Do You Choose Your Bedroom Wardrobes?

There are a number of elements to your bedroom cabinets that need to consider choosing which bedroom wardrobes will best work for you. 

Bedroom Wardrobe Style

The best starting point for choosing your fitted bedroom wardrobes is to choose the style of your bedroom. There are plenty of styles and options to choose from, but normally starting with whether you're going to go for modern or contemporary is a good starting point. 

What Type of Bedroom Cabinets Do You Want?

You may think that all bedroom cabinets are all the same, but in truth there are a lot of internal variations available. The layout within the cabinet is the main consideration. You can go for the standard wardrobe, a split wardrobe; with two rails, or a shelving unit within the wardrobe. You also have a combination of those, and also drawers, if you go for double wardrobes. 

Once you've chosen the style and type of internal for the wardrobes, you can get choose the combinations of wardrobes that will best fill the space available. Any spare at the edges can be filled with plinth, if you want an edge-to-edge look, or use a clad-on pack if you want to have exposed sides to the cabinets. 

We've selected a few ranges of bedrooms below, we hope it helps when choosing your bedroom furniture, and don't forget we are always on-hand if you have any questions.