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Different types of wardrobe

Different Types of Wardrobe

Most bedrooms, especially when being kitted out with fitted bedroom furniture, will go for one or more wardrobes. When it comes to impact and useable storage space wardrobes are extremely versatile, but do you all the variations available to you? 

There are plenty of combinations to choose from, so we will guide you through the various types, and where and when they work best. As always it's down to personal preference, but we've chosen a few 'hot topics' to thin about when choosing your bedroom furniture. Especially your wardrobes.

Single or Double Wardrobes

The first decision to be made is whether you are going to go for single or double wardrobes. Most people will go double if they have the space, but if you have room for a 600mm wide wardrobe or wide, you do always have the option to double up on the single wardrobes. You lose some internal space, but it's a good way to split the storage space fairly, if that's going to be an issue between you and your other half!

Standard, Bi-fold or Sliding Doors

Most people use standard doors on a single wardrobe, but once you go bigger you have an option of bi-fold doors or sliding doors too. A lot of this is down to preference, but bi-fold and sliding doors can work well if you don't have much space in front of the doors (by do have the width to accommodate them).

Internal Options for Wardrobes

Once you have chosen your door options you can move on to the internal design of the wardrobe. There are a number of different layouts within each wardrobe. There are various combinations available using the following types of internals for wardrobes:

  • Split Hanging (two rails, one above the other)
  • Single Hanging (with a shelf above)
  • Internal Drawers
Single Wardrobe with Split Hanging

Single Wardrobe with Shelves 600

Single Wardrobe with Shelves 450

Single Wardrobe Split Hanging 300

Single Hanging Wardrobe 300

Single Hanging Single Wardrobe 600

Double Wardrobe with Sliding Doors

Double Wardrobe with Single Hanging

Double Wardrobe with Single Hanging and Shelves

Double Wardrobe with Shelves

Double Wardrobe Single Hanging with Internal Drawers

Sliding Wardrobes with Shelves

Sliding Wardrobe with Single Hanging